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Our face brightening soaps works to remove all impurities on the face giving you a flawless complexion. These soaps can also be used on the entire body and give the same effective results.

* Acne/Spot Soap (Orange Colour) Targets Dark spots, New spots and evens out the entire complextion by removing unwanted marks and patches on the skin , it's suitable to use all over the body as well as on the face. You don't need to have spots to use it, it can be used as a general maintenance soap.

* Flawless Glow Soap (Pink Colour) OUT OF STOCK. Lightens the skin rapidly , and gives you a flawless light milky skin colour. It's main aim is to lighten & even out dark marks. Also works to boost the effects of your face cream and brightens the skin.

* African Black Soap (Dark Brown Colour) Traditionally made to maintain a healthy glowing skin. Good for deep cleaning, acne spots, body odour & Razor bumps due to its antibacterial properties.
Brightens a dull complextion and reduces the appearance of dark spots whilst maintaining its natural beauty.
Good for skin repair and restoration. Can be used all over the body.