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Kmeda Flawless Whitening Package

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This Supreme Whitening Package includes: Xtreme Whitening Cream 400ml, CQ42HR Serum 50ml, 7day Magic Peel Cream 50ml, Hand &Feet Eraser Cream 50ml and Whitening Shower Gel 500ml.

This combination is one of the best to achive light and flawless skin head to toe up to 3 shades lighter and more with continued use. Removeing uneven skintone, dark knuckles on the hands ,feet , knees and elbows leaving you with guaranteed results!


Mix the CQ42HR serum inside the Xtreme Whitening Cream, Shower with the Whitening shower gel x2 per day morning & night and use the Xtreme Whitening Cream which has been mixed x2 per day on your body including the face morning night.

Apply the 7day magic peel cream only on the affected dark areas e.g dark knuckles , hands, feet, knees and elbows x2 per day morning and night do this everyday until your skin peels (if it does not peel by the 7th day continue using it daily until it peels of) Once the dark dead skin has finally peeled off go straight onto using the Hand &Feet Eraser Cream x2 or x3 times perday massage the cream well into the skin to maintain your colour , focusing more on the fresh new skin.

DO NOT USE THE 7DAY MAGIC PEEL CREAM ANYWHERE ELSE OTHER THAN on KNUCKLES, HANDS,FEET,KNESS & ELBOWS. Unless advised otherwise by one of our skin advisors which can happen on very rare occations and would normally be accompanied with further products and intructions of use.

If unsure please email:
Or send us a DM on our instagram page @k_medabeaute